Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garage Saleing

Ah, one of the true rights of summer. Getting up and out of the house on a Saturday, looking through other people's cast-offs, and paying them to take it off of their hands. Yes, it is garage sale season!

We too hit the streets this weekend. I didn't have anything in particular that I was looking for, but now that we have a child, garage saleing has taken on a whole new dimension. We are pretty well set for now, but it never hurts to look, right? If I were a name brand kind of gal, one of the sales we hit would have been the mother lode. Many of the children's clothing they were purging still bore the tags of this boutique and that boutique. While their prices were reasonable, I still refuse to pay that kind of money at a garage sale. (See, it is something that you no longer want, therefore you should be willing to just get rid of it and make a LITTLE money on the side.) I did snatch up some accessories (hats, shoes, and diaper covers) there that were going for a quarter a piece.
I picked this pattern up for about half the retail price. (Probably a bit high, but an Amy Butler pattern is a true treasure that one must be willing to pay a bit more for.)

Here is another of my finds:

(You see, a while back I bought M a Nerf dart gun and target board as a gift. (He is not the easiest man to shop for, but I do what I can.) Well, whenever we have kids over there are inevitable fights over the gun. We only have one. Not enough to go around. So, now we have two. (It really is all for the children, oh, and now M and I can shoot at each other simultaneously!!))

I can't wait for another free Saturday morning!

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