Monday, June 15, 2009

Being a Dad Is Hard Work!

I couldn't resist snapping this picture. I am hoping it is a foreshadowing of many father/daughter naps to come. (Notice the ever present pacifier. Peachy has decided that she is really only happy when she is eating and sleeping. This makes the presence of the pacifier a must.)

The weather has finally warmed up here! It seemed as if we had skipped spring and summer and gone right into late fall and early winter. While M had to go into work several times to get caught up, it was still an enjoyable weekend. Yesterday we even got out and washed and cleaned out the car! Here is the breakdown of a good weekend.
1. Saturday morning garage sales! Little Peachy was a trooper. More on that to come.
2. Saturday evening birthday supper for M at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Peachy did okay at first, but needed to be held after a bit. So we took turns holding her and sticking her pacifier in and eating our dinner.
3. Sunday morning went to church. Peachy did well, but I did realize I took my full concentration, pre-child days for granted. I now know that it will be a while before I am able to pay attention to the whole service again.
4. Sunday afternoon we did the car. Little Peachy sat in her bouncy chair on the front porch. We did get the job done, but unfortunately M didn't get much help from me because I was on pacifier duty.
5. Peachy was pleasant enough to let me sit with her on the front porch while M worked on grading the front yard in preparation for grass seed. It will be so nice having all of our lawn in!!
6. I also got my first mosquito bite this weekend, a true sign on summer. It also made me realize that I will have to figure out a way for Peachy to be outside without getting eaten alive!
7. We slept with the windows open last night which made me realize how awesome fresh night air can be! (It also helped me remember how loud the train whistles can be in the middle of the night. Of course both times I put the little one down after a feeding the train came through. I sat there holding my breath, hoping that it didn't wake her up.) (Did you catch the fact that I only feed her a few times a night right now? I am hoping this is a lasting trend. 4+ straight hours of sleep is a wonderful thing.)
All in all, a good weekend!


Robby said...

Hey, I stumbled across your blog this afternoon. Sounds like a fun life. This is a random comment, but did want to mention a grass seed I found that works really well. Pennington's Smart Seed does a great job if you are looking to have a lawn. Check them out and good luck!

Emily said...

Oh, that's a keeper. I cherish the photos of me sleeping with my dad - they depict a bond that's always been strong, and it's so neat so see that it's been that way since before I can remember.

Nathan Smith said...

Ah yes, the first of many "teaching the child how to nap" photos. I know that I've been shot many times in just such a pose. Nice going Dad! (P.S. Happy Birthday!)