Monday, January 26, 2009

Recycled Room Re-Do

I don't know if it is the nesting instinct kicking in, but I am getting my motivation back for making this house our home. Things that I have been all too happy to let be have started to bug me and I am feeling the need to actually start decorating. Until this point I was just happy to be in the house and have it be functional for us. Now I also want it to look nice. Not such a bad thing. (As long as I can stay in our budget.) I knew that I wanted to tackle some problem areas in our master bedroom. And since I had last Monday off, I decided that would be the day. My dresser and nightstand were disaster areas. They were used as dumping grounds and little more. (As seen in this before picture of the dresser.)

(Now, my dear readers, you know how much I care for you to post such a picture. Or maybe how desperate I am for a good post.)

I started by putting things that have a place in their place. And one of those places was the garbage. Then I sorted out what was left in order to determine where it should go. One of the main causes of clutter was my jewelry. Apparently I have never graduated to the adult notion of a jewelry box. I just had little boxes filled with odds and ends everywhere. After doing some on-line shopping, I determined why I had never fully grasped the jewelry box idea. They are A) expensive and B) not really my style. So, I went scavenging. I found two small wooden cabinets that were not in use in our downstairs. Viola!--Jewelry boxes.

I also was given two new large Willow Tree figurines for Christmas to be added to the one that I already owned. I had been trying to think of a place to display these, but hadn't come up with a good solution yet. I added the trio to the dresser and then stood back to admire what I had accomplished--a simple room re-do without spending a cent.

M and I have been tossing around the idea of getting new dressers as a part of our grand reorganization for the baby. That might help this space out even more. (Do you think it is time for me to loss the primary color, hand-painted dresser I re-did in high school?)

Next on the agenda: finishing the etching of the recycled window to be added to the room. It is currently residing on our table awaiting the etching solution. I'll let you know how it turns out soon.

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