Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nursery Planning

The time has come to start working on the nursery! We have been talking about what we might do for a long time now. (Even during the building process, we took into consideration where we would keep any future offspring.) Now it is more reality than dream.

Here are the current plans:
1) Move the office into the other spare room which is currently the craft room.
2) Move the futon from the downstairs living room into room that will also be the office.
3) Create a craft nook in the downstairs living room.
4) Change the current office into the nursery.

What needs to be done for the nursery:
1) Paint the walls. We are thinking that we will paint the walls a pale aqua and then add a chocolate brown stripe around the top of the room.
2) Create bedding, curtains, and other accessories.
3) Get the furniture we will need for the nursery. (We have a plan for most of it. Crib, my dad will be building, Changing Table, take dresser from upstairs and make it into a changing table, Rocking Chair, get chair that is being stored at M's parents' house and refinish it.)

I had been tossing around two ideas for the nursery decor. I either was going to do a cowboy/cowgirl theme or brown and aqua. The later won out and I have started the collecting. I am looking forward to sewing the bedding and other accessories with the help of my mom. I thought that I might have a challenge in finding brown and aqua fabric. When I first started looking I wasn't finding anything. Then I came across a great Michael Miller aqua and brown plaid at Fabrics.com. It was on sale so I bought up 8 yards of it. Now to find some coordinating fabrics so the room didn't look like plaid threw up all over it. I headed out to Mill End Textiles and hit the jackpot. I found perfectly coordinating polka dots on their remnant table that was on sale for less than $2 a yard. I had to stop myself from buying all that they had.

What else could I need? Well, a brown for the background of the crib quilt and some splashes of other colors to liven things up a bit.

Here is a rough sketch of what I am thinking for the quilt:

Here are my main brown and aqua fabrics:

And here are some splashes of color:

Let the creating begin!


Emily said...

Love those fabrics, and those are the perfect colors for a nursery for a baby boy or girl. Love your ideas, can't wait to see it all come together.

Shannon said...

I love it already and I've only seen the fabrics! Cant wait to see soem finished pictures!