Wednesday, January 28, 2009

C-Y-O: Glass Etched Window

As promised, here is a post on our glass etched window. This project idea began when my friend and I were driving around town on large garbage week looking for treasures. The two treasures I cam away with were old windows. M wasn't so sure when I brought them home and then again when we had to move them, but I knew they were beauties in the making.

The white eight paned window is still waiting for its beauty treatments, but the brown three section window has found its home in our bedroom. (At least for now. We may end up hanging it on the wall or moving it to a different room entirely, but for now it is cozily adorning the wall next to a dresser.)
I have always wanted to try glass etching and decided that was just what this window was in need of.
I started by cutting clear contact paper to the size of each glass section and applying it. I then traced on the images that I wanted to etch. After all
three sections had been traced, I cut out the parts that I wanted etched with a razor blade. Here is a picture of M making sure that the edges were firmly adhered.We then applied the etching cream. (I got mine at Michael's.) We applied it with foam brushes. After trying a sample on some glass I stole from an old picture frame, I knew to apply it nice a thick so that you don't see the brush strokes. We worked together so that we could get the cream on in a timely manor. After letting the cream sit for around 5 minutes, we put the entire window into the bathtub and rinsed off all of the etching cream with the shower head.
Once the cream had been rinsed thoroughly, we peeled off the contact paper and were left with the etched image on the glass. The etching isn't super dark. If you look at it from the right angle it is easily seen, but from the front it is faint. M is trying to come up with ways to back light it to help the image show up a bit more. But for now, I am satisfied.


Smith Family said...

That turned out great! I've still got two smaller white framed windows to do something with sometime...

You could always use smaller command hooks to hang it. There are so many great command hooks out there now. :)

Garbage Friend said...

That turned out great, Kristi! Good job. You will turn M into a crafter yet.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

OOOO.... I love this! Thanks for sharing. I don't know how I missed this.