Monday, December 16, 2013

Dare to DIY: Deck the Halls: Advent Wreath

I have been wanting to start the tradition of having an Advent wreath at our home. Of course, I wanted something a little bit different, so I was dragging my feet on the entire project. I got the boost I needed when I said that I would bring one to church for an Advent event.
I started by looking on Pinterest where I found this blog post on Groovie Mom that featured a wreath that was similar to what I wanted to make. I started by looking for a base for the wreath. I ended up with a white cake stand from Pier 1. (I can't find the exact one I purchased, but this one is similar.) Then I purchased and chopped apart floral sticks for the greenery.
I got mine from Michaels. The hardest part in this project was tracking down the candles. I could find tapers, but finding purple and pink pillars was hard. Finally I got the purple and white ones at Target and the pink one at Hobby Lobby. At first I just laid the greenery around the candles, but it kept falling off and needing to be rearranged.
So, I cut a piece of white card stock into a circle, traced the candle placement onto it, and then hot glued the greenery around the outside edge. That way I can remove the greenery after Christmas and have a white cake stand to use. We have been enjoying our new Advent wreath tradition. Every night after supper we light the appropriate candles for the week and read a devotion out of an Advent book I found online. The girls look forward to it every night.


Emily @ imperfect said...

I love the season of Advent, and it's been so fun this year to introduce the kids to the candle lighting and the meaning of our Advent wreath. Love yours on the cake stand!

Anonymous said...

This turned out beautifully. Nicely done K.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

What a wonderful tradition and a beautiful and meaningful addition to your decor.

Thank you so much for linking up to Dare to DIY!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

Looks beautiful- I love that you used a cake pedestal. so pretty!