Monday, April 8, 2013

Cream at 19 months

I wasn't planning on posting a 19 month update for Cream, but seeing how much she is growing and changing lately, I just couldn't resist.
(All of these pictures were taken by my friend Tina out of her home. She is just starting to get into photography and asked that I bring the girls over for a practice session. I love how all of the photos turned out and will post more later.)

*Cream's language development has all of a sudden started to soar. I would say it really started growing over the last month. She would add a new word almost everyday. Since Easter it has really taken off. She will say words to us all the time. And it is then our job to figure out just what it is that she is trying to communicate. The other morning she was in our room after waking up and told me hungry. This morning she told me breakfast and yogurt. During Bible class at church on Sunday she was looking at one of her picture books. She pointed at the apple and clear as day said, "Apple." Then she pointed and said shoes, towel, spoon, car, and meow meow (for cat.) It is so fun watching her soak in the world and figure it all out right now.

*She also has been asking to use the potty. Until this weekend, she hadn't had any luck in actually making potty while sitting on it. This weekend she had success. Now of course she wants to use the potty all the time. I am not thinking that she will be trained soon, but these are steps in the right direction.

*Lately she has ideas on not only what she should be doing, but also what other people should be doing. She will take your hand and show you where she would like you to sit. When we are getting ready to head out the door, she will make sure that everyone has a pair of their own shoes and also a jacket.

*She has really started to want to do things on her own. While at times this can be frustrating, it is also so gratifying watching her attempt and succeed at something like putting her boots or pants on.

*She continues to be our little mimic. If she sees someone do it, she had better give it a try. This can really be quite amusing. The other day I had to sternly whisper something to Peachy. Pretty soon Cream was right there whispering sternly with me. (It was hard to keep a straight face.)

*Even though I feel like I end up having to separate the two girls all of the time, there is still that genuine bond of siblings. When Cream can't see Peachy she goes around calling her name. And before she goes down for her nap, she always makes sure to tell her sister 'nigh, 'nigh.

*One of my favorite things right now is she will come up to me and with arms outstretched and say "Hug." Even when I am smack in the middle of preparing supper it is hard to resist and melts my heart.

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Lisa said...

Awww! Lots of progress with the talking! That's so cute!

These new pics are gorgeous!