Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cream: 18 Months Old

Cream up and turned 18 months old at the end of last month. There is something to be said about the second child, at least in my case, of always being the "baby."
And while I still think of her as a baby and refer to her as a baby, she is quickly passing out of that phase. She is an active little ball of fire with new words being added to her vocabulary everyday. I am not sure how big she is at this point, but she has her appointment today, so I will find out.
My guess is that she is over the 50% for height and weight, but I don't think she is as big as Peachy was at this age.

Here are a few of her likes and milestones from the recent months:
*I gave her a first haircut after her bath last week. She really didn't need much cut off. I only cut the tail that was forming in the back. Her hair does look fuller with the straight line across the back. Funny story about the hair. I saved a chunk just like I had after Peachy's first cut. However, I just placed it on a counter and later couldn't find it. Thankfully we did find it after a few days. Such a second child thing for me to do.

*She loves this little finger play that we do in our family class every week. You put three of your fingers into your other palm and say, "Three little fish, swimming in a dish, three little fish, swimming in a dish, one jumps out, oh no!" You continue until they all jump back into the dish. She just loves it and does all of the motions. It is great for when she is getting antsy or worked up about something.

*She also likes to count to three and say, "Yay!" She usually only adds in the two, but it is fun all the same.

*Her sleep patterns are finally worked out. We don't have to go down during the night anymore and she consistently sleeps from around 8 to around 7. It is really, really nice. She also usually naps one nap a day for about 2 hours.

*She has a sudden fascination with kitty cats. She picked out one of the ones I made and ensured that it would always be hers by sucking on it. Whenever she sees a picture of a cat she will say, "Meow, meow."

*She is quite coordinated. I am amazed at what her little body is able to do. (This probably comes from the fact that I am a klutz without much coordination or body awareness. She gets it all from Mr. Cherry.)

*She has started to enjoy using crayons and pencils to scribble on paper.
*She loves, loves, loves babies. When she sees a baby she will talk to it and pat it. She also loves to take care of her baby dolls. Such a little momma.


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