Thursday, December 13, 2012

What Peachy AND Cream Wore This Week: Winter Accessories

Winter is now completely upon us here in the northern portion of the country. We have a nice ground cover of snow and the temps have all dipped well below the freezing mark. Peachy is having a hard time figuring out why the snow just isn't melting on the sunny days we have been having. But what the girl can figure out is how to rock the winter accessories.
Here she is modeling her new winter boots for us all to admire.
You heard it here first, people, layering your princess dresses with your winter snow boots is going to be the latest trend. (At least among those under 4 years of age.)
Isn't this a fierce pose? I am telling you, this girl has modeling down. Watch out LA, Peachy is coming to town.
However, Peachy isn't the only one who is able to pull off the winter gear this year. She had better watch out because Cream is all about accessorizing as well. Check out how well she pulls of the stocking hat.

It appears Cream is leaning toward the gangster look in her approach to the cold and fashion. One last look at a complete ensemble by Cream.
The snotty nose and cheesy grin all add an air of candidness to the snowsuit look, wouldn't you say? Now go out there, stay warm, and look good doing it!

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