Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful for Thanksgiving

The Cherry family loaded up the minivan and hit the road last Wednesday to join the throngs of Americans traveling for Thanksgiving. Thankfully we didn't hit the ditch like many of our fellow drivers. We made it to Mr. Cherry's home town just in time to head to the Wednesday night Thanksgiving service at his family's church. I personally thought this would be a great idea. That way we could have an easy Thursday morning before heading to the annual Thanksgiving festivities at Mr. Cherry's grandma's. Little Peachy, on the other hand, thought that five and a half hours of sitting still was enough and wiggled her complaints throughout the service.
Thursday brought our usual Thanksgiving fun spent with much of Mr. Cherry's extended family. I even snuck some of my family in this year in the form of my younger sister. When we all were sufficiently stuffed, we tried something new this year and had a baby shower for one of the cousin's wives. While I enjoyed the games, Mr. Cherry tried to wrestle Peachy into a nap. After an hour of Peachy wrestling and crying, it was determined that no nap would be had that day. We enjoyed the leftovers from lunch and headed home to put a very tired little girl to bed.
Last year my sister-in-laws and I started a new tradition of Black Friday shopping. As my father-in-law put it, we are not professional shoppers rather recreational. We do not set alarms. We do make sure the babies are all fed. And then when we are all set we hit the road. The beauty of this plan is no waiting in long lines and no sleep deprivation. The downfall is that we don't get in on the big bargains. We are all fine with this. After several successful stops and one unsuccessful attempt to find parking at the mall, we enjoyed a lunch at Panera and headed home with our loot.

My youngest sister-in-law is the lucky owner of a beauty of a Holiday sweater. And we were lucky enough to be graced with its presence as we hunted for presents. When one is blessed with such a sweater, pictures must be taken. We all got our chance in the Christmas section at Target.

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