Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Playing Store

Last Saturday I packed up all of my creations and headed out to sell, sell, sell. Some friends had arranged a small vendor and craft fair that I had reserved a table at. After lots of sewing and crafting in the weeks leading up to the sale and grabbing all the inventory I already had on hand, I had quite the little boutique to set up. But, first came the tagging and pricing. Mr. Cherry ran interference while I spread everything out in the living room Friday afternoon. Peachy only breached his defenses a few times. Unfortunately one of those times she quickly grabbed a blankie and proceeded to wipe her nose with it. Guess who has a new blankie?
As I started setting up Saturday morning I quickly realized that this was not a one table job. Thankfully there was enough room that I could add another table to my area. I decided to go with a vintage kind of look for my tables which included several vintage table cloths that I have collected. Add in a few vintagey things that I have around the house to give me the shabby chic vibe I was going for. (If I would ever open a store, this is exactly what I would want it to be. Fun crafted items mixed in with vintage and vintage-esque items.
While the sale was slow, it was a fun day out. If nothing else it helped me to get all of my items organized and inspired me to list more of them on Etsy. I also enjoyed visiting with other entrepreneurial minded woman. Throughout the day we exchanged bits and pieces of what we have all learned while being in the biz.

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BonnieRose said...

Loved your set up and it was fabulous meeting you.. I met a new friend! Hugs....