Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Monkey Halloween Costume

I decided on Peachy's Halloween costume when I saw this monkey mask at Michaels on clearance. Funny where we find our inspiration, isn't it?
We used a brown shirt and pair of pants that she already owned under the tummy that I constructed for her. As for her tummy, remember my obsession with pillow case dresses? (Here and here.) Well, once I find something that I like, I have a hard time moving away from it. Using her pillowcase dress as a pattern, I cut out the dark brown fleece. I sewed the tan fleece oval on to the dark brown dress front, leaving an opening for stuffing. I made a casing for the ribbon ties at the top and a casing for elastic at the bottom. 
Remember her banana?
As any monkey can tell you, it is very convenient to have a pocket in which to hold your banana. So, I added a pocket to the back of panel. 
The look was finished off with a banana treat bag that I made out of some fabric that I had in my stash. 
Peachy loved trick or treating. We only went to a few houses, but the ringing the doorbell, the talking to people, the costume, and the candy were right up her alley. She also loved checking out the trick or treaters that came to grandma and grandpa's house.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

So cute! The belly is my favorite part. Great job, mom.

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