Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Home Eddition

Our little community was recently the site of an Extreme Makeover Home. While the rumors were flying around town that the crew was in the area, it was a secret where the home would be. Turns out, the site was less than two miles from our house.
On site, one of the builders and Doc the sound guy
The afternoon after the "wake-up call" we tried to get over to the site, but they weren't allowing spectators yet. We were blessed with beautiful weather the entire week, so Peachy and I were able to walk to the site later on.
A post walk treat. 
Unfortunately we didn't see any of the "talent," but it was still exciting to be there.
Peachy clapping with the crowd on site.
And while we opted out of the "move that bus" madness, we did catch a glimpse of the bus in a parking lot that week. I can't wait to watch the episode on tv and see what all went on behind the scenes.

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Jessie K said...

How exciting! I love that show and always wished I could be a part of it!