Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Too Bad

Baby's first trip to IKEA!! (Too bad baby books don't come with that page.) Yes, Peachy and I made it to IKEA this past weekend. (It is also too bad when your hotel is a mere blocks from the happy blue and yellow shopping paradise. It was also almost too bad that I thought we would have to miss it because they didn't open early enough. Yeah for Holiday hours.)
Reasons why I love IKEA even more now that I have a child:
1. The family restroom. I was able to use the restroom when we got there and put Peachy down by a toy they had mounted on the wall. So nice!
2. They have so many fun things to buy for kids. (I loaded up on lots of fun and unique toys. You know that a soon to be 7 month old can't have enough toys.)
3. The family restroom. I was able to use the family restroom to nurse before we hit the road. (I even wheeled my cart in.)

Ah, yes, the first of many trips to IKEA.
(Do you notice how sleepy she is starting to look here? That made for one of the quickest shopping experiences, ever. Good thing I was able to fill my cart anyway. (Or is that too bad?))


Emily said...

You didn't happen to pick me up a couch while you were there, did you? :) I'm jealous of Peachy's comfortable experience (and I think you might have put her real name in there, just fyi).

Emily said...

And I meant cultural experience, not comfortable. Not thinking straight today.

Kristi said...

The couch wouldn't fit in the family restroom, sorry! :o) And do you see the quilts surrounding her? I think it was comfortable as well.
Thanks for the FYI~all fixed.