Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CYO: Baby Shoes

I never thought that I would be one of those moms. I always thought that I would be practical and ultimately level-headed. But alas, I have become what I thought I would not. I am a mom who loves to play dress-up with her baby. I have way to much fun buying and putting together fun outfits for Little Peachy. Luckily for me and our bank account, I haven't gone completely off the deep end. I try not to spend too much money on outfits that will only be worn for a few months and will most likely end up with spit-up and poop on them. This means that I have to get creative in my clothes gathering. I have had very good luck through garage sales and Craigslist. It feels good to get a pair of jeans for $1 that would have originally cost 20 times that amount. I have also been getting into crafting clothing and accessories for Peachy. My latest obsession is in the footwear department. (Those of you who know me well, are not all that surprised by this.) I have bought a few pairs of Peachy's shoes from Target, but otherwise they have all come from garage sales and most recently I have made them. It is so much fun taking a basic pattern and adapting it to look completely different.

The first pair of shoes I made were for Peachy's Halloween costume. When I found this pattern on Etsy at Precious Patterns I knew her costume would not be complete without them.

Since they had a deal of buy two patterns, get one free at the time, I couldn't resist and ordered this pattern as well.
On the next pair, I decided to use the pattern as a suggestion and create my own pair.

(And yes the flower is removable. You know, in case it doesn't match her outfit.)

I can't wait until I find the time to make some more!!

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