Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A New Trick Up Her Sleeve

Little Peachy has begun to master the fine art of rolling over. Last week she wowed me by rolling from her tummy to her back three times in a row. She then promptly forgot exactly how she did it and hasn't really repeated her performance. I thought for sure she would master this first as it is easier and she still isn't too fond of being on her tummy. Well, yesterday she proved me wrong by repeatedly rolling from her back to her tummy. When she gets on her tummy she is quite happy and proud of herself, however these feelings are short lived. She remembers how much she dislikes being on her tummy and starts to fuss. She fusses until she is A) turned over with some help or B) becomes so frustrated that she buries her head in her blanket. What a funny little girl.

While I have been an eye witness to her rolling antics, she has yet to perform for M. Last night she waited until he was down the stairs and out of sight and then rolled over for me. Soon we will be in need of a baby gate for the top of the stairs.

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