Wednesday, December 31, 2008

BoC: Christmas Tour Part V

A favorite place for me to seasonally decorate is the shelf in our dinning room that we use to hold our extra appliances. I just threw some of the extra decorations I had together. I also brought the Christmas cactus up from the basement as it had buds on it. Now I am betting that the blooms will open while we are out of town. Maybe a few will be left when we get home. In the end I decided to add the hanging arrangement above. The basket is holding all of the Christmas letters that we receive.


Emily said...

Love the Christmas house tour, hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family! And I adore the color of your walls in the dining room!

Smith Family said...

I think I have the same runner you used in this picture. Also, is that the cactus from G'ma Z?? Mine is tiny compared to yours and has never actually bloomed. Humpf.