Monday, December 29, 2008

BoC: Christmas Tour Part III

M comes from a real tree family and I come from an artificial tree family. Our first Christmas together we bought a real tree only to find out that we weren't supposed to have them in our apartment. (We didn't get caught, but we did remove it piece by piece in many garbage bags. This process ended up with a clogged vacuum and a backed up kitchen drain. But we will always have the memories.)
The next two years in our apartment we used an artificial tree that we purchased at a second hand store. It was somewhat of a Charlie Brown tree and we donated it back to the store when we moved this summer. So that meant that this year we would have to get a new tree. Now the debate was on again, real or artificial? We ended up picking up a real tree at Menards of all places.
This year I am going to keep my eyes open for a decent artificial tree at the after Christmas sales for the future. So we will see what next year brings.

We have no shortage of ornaments around here. M's grandma made the grandkids a new ornament every year and my mom would (and still does) make or buy a new ornament for us every year. It is so much fun decorating the tree every year and thinking back on the Christmases past. So, our tree may not look like it has a theme, but it has a theme of love.

(You can't see it very well in the picture, but our topper is a shabby chic white wooden star. I love it!!)

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Smith Family said...

I can't believe I'm helping you get a (gasp!!) fake tree but Target had all the Christmas stuff for 75% off today.