Monday, January 6, 2014

Big News! Bowl of Cherrys Is Moving . . .

I am moving! Not as in houses, but as in web addresses. It is something that I have been contemplating for quite sometime now and I figured that there is no better time to do it than the new year. I will still be hosted by Blogger, but will be using this address: Please update any feeds that you may have!

There are several reasons that I wanted to do this. The first being a more unified web presence. (Don't I sound all highfalutin?!) Since I began my Bowl of Cherrys blog over five years ago, I also opened an Etsy store under a different name. That gave me three different web identities, Bowl of Cherrys, kiki b omi designs, and then the real me. Changing my blog to kiki b omi designs helps me to use Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and more under one name. (If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I switched to kiki b omi designs on there last week.)
I also wanted to simplify my blog. I did that by using side tabs that categorize my posts into six categories. So much easier to navigate than the millions of labels I had created with my old blog.
While I know next to nothing about HTML, I used some great tutorials on the web to create the look myself.I like how streamlined it is. Much less cluttered than the old one.
For the time being, I have no intention of taking down my Bowl of Cherrys blog. I have transferred some of the the content to kiki b omi, but there are five years worth of posts on Bowl of Cherrys and frankly, I didn't want to transfer all of it and also mess up all of the links that are out there floating around the web.
As far as content, I am leaning toward a little less focus on our family and more focus on creating on kiki b omi. I still want to document our family, and haven't decided on how best to do this, however. I really do not want to keep up two blogs, but love being able to look back on the last five years of our life whenever and where ever I want to.
So all this to say, check out my new home on the interwebs. I would love to see you there!

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