Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Living with Punks Floor Poufs

I am usually slow to jump on band wagons. The entire floor cushion/pillow/pouf trend was no exception. Since they have been around for a couple of years now, it was time for me to make the leap. I decided to make one for each of the girls for the living room. I figured they could take the place of the chair that I made for Peachy.

(Don't worry. This chair has been relocated to the downstairs.) This way I didn't have to make another chair for Cream or figure out where to keep it with our limited floor space.
When the poufs aren't in use, they are easy to tuck away in the toy area. 

I had seen the Living with Punks tutorial floating around on the web and after looking at it, I decided that it would be the one.

It is a great tutorial and they are really quick and easy to whip up. I used decor weight fabric from JoAnn Fabrics and ended up stuffing them with the insides of some cheapo IKEA pillows I had bought a while back. I think that I overstuffed mine, so I might be opening them and removing some of the fluff or I might just let it settle.

Since I was making two, I used two fabrics on both of the poufs. So far Peachy is a big fan. Cream isn't quite able to use them yet, but I am sure she will be enjoying them soon.


Shelby @ The Bean Sprout Notes said...

Good job! I can tell your daughter is definitely a big fan!! They look great!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

These turned out awesome! So professional-looking. Now, I of course want a few for the nursery. I blame you for adding to my list.