Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Diabolic Plan

Knowing that the transition of having just mom and a little sister at home would be tough for Peachy, I made sure to have a few tricks up my sleeve. This summer I collected several small toys at garage sales and off of Craigslist. I stashed these toys away in case of a "rainy day." While the weather today was gorgeous, it was a "rainy day" for Peachy. She woke up crabby and we had no plans for the day. I also wanted to get the house straightened up and a crabby two year old would not be of any help in that department. So I dipped into my stash and gave Peachy the first of the reserved toys. It worked like a charm. She excitedly played all day and her crabby mood was all but erased.

Me=1, Crabby Two Year Old=0

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Emily said...

Such good planning ahead! Nice work, Kristi! I'm glad you were able to turn the day around.